Why should I hire someone to write my story?

Hiring someone to record and write your story is a great idea if you:

  • Don’t like writing
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Have wanted to do something like this, but haven’t found the time to do it.

Who will be present during the interview?

Generally, only the client and the interviewer will be present during the interview. This is to ensure that the client’s story is told in their words. (No arguments with anyone remembering an event differently)

My pictures are in a scrapbook – how will you include them in my book?

We will bring digital photography and/or scanning equipment to your interview. The photos and / or memorabilia you want to have included in your book will be photographed or scanned at your home. These precious items will not leave your home.

Where do the interviews take place?

Most interviews take place in a client’s home.  However, interviews may also be conducted over the phone or over a video chat service.

Who owns my story?

You will own your own story. We will never sell your story.