Remember the Time LLC is committed to preserving history

one person at a time.

Based in Reno / Sparks, Remember the Time LLC is committed to preserving history (and herstory) one person at a time.

Personal Historian, Shirley Rodgers, has always loved hearing family stories. She believes that each person is extraordinary! Everyone has a unique and interesting story. Everyone’s story should be recorded and saved for future generations. She will listen to you and record your story the way you want it told.


Stories are powerful.

Stories connect us to each other. Stories give us hope. Stories give us knowledge. Stories give us insight. Stories inspire us. Children who know their
family stories are better equipped to handle challenges.

The Family Stories That Bind Us — This Life – The New York Times (

Remembering can have numerous health benefits.

Remembering activates the brain. Remembering lets a person see how far they’ve come. At a convalescent home – the patients who participated in a biography project had fewer instances of pain and were less dependent on pain medication.

Every Person’s story is important – Biography

Voice is memorable

Hearing a loved one’s voice can be comforting. Each person has a unique voice, much like a fingerprint. No one else sounds exactly like your grandmother or mother. No one else laughs like your father or grandfather. Children’s voices have innocence and hope.

Personal Histories can correct or supplement textbook history.

Multiple viewpoints add richness and depth to historic events.